Who we are?

Camelia Savin

She gained a successful experience within multinational companies, winning a Bronze Effie and expertise in co-coordinating cross-regional, multi-national teams. Since 2005, Camelia started entrepreneurial life in marketing, brand communication and events organizing. She had plenty of opportunities to interact with “gifted persons and inspiring souls”.
At the beginning of 2008, he co-founded with Camelia Savin a new business: Teamexpert – Teambuilding with Passion.

My first love was debate. Than came marketing (branding, advertising, events). Now, I’ve chosen communication with and within TEAM


Radu Savin

His expertise is based on a happy combination between events organizing and a consultancy experience gained within multicultural world of multinationals.

In 2002 Radu organized the first outdoor program for a teambuilding at Vata – Hunedoara. Since then he has realized hundreds of events, offering complete solutions for his clients: training and competencies development programs in order to increase team spirit, outdoor activities or turistic services in Romania, Bulgaria or Poland. Since 2007, he is organizing events for children also (www.taberecusuflet.ro)

If you think about basic learning processes or more complex ones, training and teaching, the key for a successful project is effective communication.