TeameXpert Sports Events

TeamXpert Sports Events and its CSR organization Asociatia Tabere cu Suflet, organize each year more then 50 competitions at 10 sports: Ski, Snowboard, Montainbike, Running, Tennis, Table Tennis, Horse riding, Swimming, Climbing and Diving. The TeamXpert Sports Events Trophy, which includes all of these sporting events, was created to stimulate competition and promote a multidisciplinary experience among participants.
TeamXpert Bike Fest Ciclism competition site
TeamXpert Cup Ciclism     Alergare competition site
"Tabere Cu Suflet" Cup Snowboard     Schi competition site
Marathon "Tabere cu Suflet" Alergare competition site
Duathlon "Tabere Cu Suflet" Alergare     Ciclism competition site
On Top of the World Run & Bike Fest Alergare     Ciclism competition site