About Us

Who we are?

Teamexpert is a company who offers expertise in events organization and consultancy in Organizations development. We have more than 15 years of experience and we bring in a team of top trainers. We are able to offer valuable training programs, teams’ diagnosis, teambuilding activities, incentive programs and company events. Teamexpert brings passion within team programs, offering 360° solutions for team development activities.
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Our Values


Our mission is to define exactly which the team’s objectives are and how to achieve them. Our satisfaction is our client’s satisfaction. No effort is too big in order to achieve our client’s happiness.


We keep on developing programs bright new, spectacular activities, with absolute benefits, designed on client’s needs.


Often, during outdoor programs, we organize activities part of extreme sports. Thanks to qualified trainers and care for details, we offer 100% safe proposals.
Additionally, we developed with our partner – an insurance company – a dedicated product for our clients: a unique teambuilding insurance product.


Each client is unique. Therefore, a dedicated Teambuilding Program is offered to every one. Our job is to build and implement it, whatever the client’s choice for the place will be.
Training in open nature or rope course in hotel lobby, why not?