We bring passion within team programs and we want you to enjoy every moment of your teambuilding event:) Hence, in order to offer the participants 100% concentration on team’s activities, we offer complete services and we cover all details, from transportation to accommodation and meals. We work with agreed providers, tested through years, in a bunch of places where we’ve organized teambuilding programs and our clients enjoyed the activities. See our recomended destinations in the sidebar.

We’ve developed a wide variety of teambuilding programs, practical exercises during training sessions. All our events, games, exercise, in or outdoor, they help team members to escape the comfort zone, to discover their own skills and colleagues skills or to be accepted in team’s dynamics. Proposed activities combine efficiently problems solving with fun, having as first objective skills and competencies development.

Urban Quest is an interesting exercise, which allows studying the team spirit, it offers the possibility to increase communication, leadership, care for details, and it creates the opportunity to interact with places and people. We developed Urban Quest games in Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, Bran, Saxon Transylvanian Citadels, Comana and Balchik.

"The world is a playground, and life is pushing the swing"
Natalie Kocsis