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This is an efficient method to analyze the individual potential within a team. Through organizational tests, we may get the snapshot for the team behavior while achieving proposed objectives. Diagnosis gives a closer look on the mechanics which may increase team performance and offers us insight on how to stimulate and motivate team members. The results of diagnosis will also show the training needs.

--- "The human mind is like an umbrella - it functions best when open" ---

We have several powerfull tests to rely on. Each test is based on a dedicated exercise, in order to verify and demonstrate the analysis’ conclusions.

Psychometric Test

Psychometric Test gives a snapshot of interpersonal relations within the team. It offers the level of group cohesion and dynamics, identification of influence centers and the measurement of several factors. The psychometric allows seeing individual placement within team’s dynamics (formal leader, informal leader, isolated person, rejected person) and group’s perception regarding one individual. More »

Belbin Test

Team roles Theory is the result of Meredith Belbin research on human behavior. His theory is an important instrument for human resources management. Belbin Test offers team members typology. It is a useful tool for social dynamics studies. More »

SDT Test

Self-determination Theory, recently introduced by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, represents a breakthrough in academic and business environment. The tests, based on this theory, allow determining how an individual may react in different situations. Based on its results, we may underline the training needs. More »

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